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Simply Rooibos Tea 50g



Annique’s Simply Rooibos Tea is organically grown in the Cederberg area of the Western Cape, and provides you with the best nature has to offer. Rooibos contains many health-promoting elements including Aspalathin, a powerful antioxidant unique to the Rooibos plant.

When organic tea is propagated, the plant doesn’t get sprayed with any fungicides. While still small, these plants are grown close together, creating a microclimate that makes the plant susceptible to spreading fungus and diseases.

In fact, organically grown tea doesn’t get sprayed with anything. The plant’s natural defences need to ward off any bugs or infections without assistance.

Simply Rooibos is 100% natural, contains no colourants, flavourants or preservatives and is caffeine, sugar and gluten free


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