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Derma Protect SPF 20 30ml


Our NEW formula, DermaProtect SPF 20 is the ultimate shield for sensitive skins!

It is ideal for sensitive skins.

Tested and approved by the international COLIPA standards, it delivers consistent SPF coverage and provides the ultimate protection, without irritating your skin. It is proven that higher SPFs may easily irritate skin as it can clog pores and stop the skin from breathing. Using a lower SPF more frequently will still offer maximum protection and lead to a lower risk of irritation to very sensitive skin types.
This unique, triple-action, sun-protecting cream:

1.  Soothes

2.  Moisturises

3.  Protects even delicate, sensitive skins

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A gentle, everyday sunscreen suitable for all skin types

This gentle formulation boasts a special blend of three naturally derived oils that is combined with our trademark Rooibos extract to deliver a synergistic approach to everyday sun care that works to soothe irritation, calm inflammation and moisturise and protect delicate skin.


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