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Welcome to Love Rooibos – a Health and Beauty online shop!

We bring you superior Annique Rooibos Health and Beauty products delivered to your doorstep.

Annique has been changing people’s lives for more than 40 years!

In 1968 Dr Annique Theron stumbled on the natural healing powers of the South African herb, Rooibos.

Today, Annique’s unique products contains extracts of Rooibos tea, which has been a trusted and scientifically proven remedy over the past few decades, boasting properties like:

♥  Ant-allergic

♥  Anti-spasmodic

♥  Anti-bacterial

♥  Anti-ageing

♥  Anti-viral

♥  Anticarcenogenic

♥  Antioxidant and

♥  No caffeine and very low tannin from pure Rooibos leaves



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